Monday, November 23, 2009

Sup people

Hey errrrrrbody. My grandmother was really sick a few weeks ago and ended up dying, and after that I ended up getting the flu (swine flu maybe?) so I haven't been posting lately. ugh. But now that I'm free from the hell that was this past month, I will be on here more often. Just a little update for any of my several hundred (million?) followers. Peace!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best Coast

Okay.. so I listen to Pocahaunted a decent amount last year. After releasing something almost every month without fail, I thought that they just all-of-a sudden...disappeared. Apparently what happened to them was the singer, Bethany, formed Best Coast... I totally missed that. Not only that, but she started making 60's beachy pop music with the same lo-fi hiss sound that made Pocahaunted such a .. well.. haunting band. I actually like this stuff a lot better in the sense that it's immediately appealing. As she said on her myspace, "I hope everyone likes it and can make out to it on a beach blanket this summer." Well... I totally missed that too... but I can make out to it on my couch huddled under a blanket for warmth (won't happen). If you're familiar with other music blogs you probably think I'm poaching from, say, Stratosphering. You're right. But I didn't know this stuff existed until now because she only released 7" vinyls and I've never seen a MP3 version until now. So I'm unoriginal.. whatevs. Also they have like 8 people writing for them. It's just little ol me over here. So there.

Art Fag 7"

Make You Mine 7"

Sleigh Bells Demo Disc

I want you to listen to this band. Bad. So bad I'm just gonna say a lot of fucking naughty words to get you to pay attention. COCK MILKING ASS DOMINATING CUMSWAPING FUCKITY FUCK FUCKER POON TOON TOWN BONER BENDING ASAIN SHIT BATH... PENIS! ...I've lost my train of thought. The point is... this is cool, pay attention. That is all.

Sleigh Bells Demo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Salem: Water EP

Just in case anyone missed the extra link in the comments section of the last Salem post... here it is again! I've been listening to the track "Skullcrush" quite a bit lately. I wish Salem would just put out an LP already. These EPs are decent and all... but it just doesn't hold up to multiple listens. Instead, you end up doing what I do... listen to one or two tracks and move on to other music. I could bitch and moan about all these half-assed albums and EPs, with their limit edition vinyl or cassette only releases, but I won't (much). Now it's one thing if an ESTABLISHED band wants to do an exclusive 200 copies only 7" or something... but when these nobody bands come out of nowhere and only press 200 copies of their album... only to get it downloaded off the internet like 30,000 times... it really makes no sense to me. (Seriously... the last Salem post was downloaded over 2500 times. More than almost anything else I've posted... and I'm not the only one who has it on their blog either). Okay... I'm working on a "Pitchfork Best New Music" MEGAPOST... but I'm too lazy to put all that work in, so instead I'm getting all this other shiz outta the way first. Expect it soon though. PEACE!

Water EP

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sleigh Bells: Crown on the Ground

WOW... I was browsing the interwebs and I stumbled upon this crazy song. It's like someone took a poppy dance worthy track and blew it up with a fuckin A-BOMB! (Or is it Fuckin-A bomb?) Pretty cool.

Hermit Thrushes: Slight Fountain

Okay... I decided to do one more post tonight to make up for my recent inactivity. If you missed my post on Hermit Thrushes last album go back and check it out... it's definitely worth it. Go ahead... I'll wait.... Okay? Ready? If I were in a traditional band (guitars and drums and all that) I would want to be making music like these guys do. They gracefully drift between this purposeful dischord and pop melody style of songwriting that makes what they do so interesting. Every track, no matter how weird or composed sounding, never takes the easy way out. You think you know the rhythm or the melody and then they smash you in face with a crazy or unexpected change of direction. It's disorienting... sometimes to it's detriment... but they manage to cut out of the track just before it gets too old (most of the tracks average around 2 minutes). And that really says something about the bands commitment to their sound. They REALLY aren't self indulgent at all. They know when to call it quits. They write music complex music with the mentality of DIY punks... it makes what they do really and truly unique....which, in this day in age, is almost impossible.

Slight Fountain

Washed Out: High Times

I wrote a big rant about all this "blog-friendly" music hitting the scene, and how most of it is forgettable or relatively mundane... and that we will all barely remember it in about a year. But then Blogger decided to crash in the middle of it and it deleted the whole post. So then I had no motivation to rewrite anything. Also the devastating loss of my precious complaining (which was really long and whiny) made me not want to write for a while.... but I have SO much music... I need to share it even if I don't say anything of value. Anyway.... I said something like "Washed Out was actually a nice little surprise in the midst of all these mediocre acts floating around these days." Blah blah blah. It sounds like jazzy dreamy grooves put through filters played on an old record player at the beach. Oh and he actually sings a little bit, unlike most of these artists. Reminds me a little bit of Bibio only way more lo-fi. And now that I'm jobless once again, expect that I will be posting on more of a weekly/daily basis from now least I hope.

High Times