Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm freaking excited! Can you tell? Let's get this out of the way. I am talking about Lali Puna, and their new album Our Inventions. If I mention this in the title, it would most surely be caught within an hour and deleted. Thankfully I'm more cunning than that... I think. I've been anticipating this album for awhile. Anything with a member of Notwist in it has my interest at the very least. But this is quite possible my favorite incarnation of Notwist members contributing with other people. *Go check out the rest of their catalogue on this blog if you haven't already, it's stupendous and in really high quality because I own all the CDs* I haven't really listened to this yet, besides a few tracks (I'm playing it right now). I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. So here you go, make up your own minds... but seriously, I can't help but love everything I hear so far. Maybe I'm blinded by the faith that they were gonna release another consistently good record again. There are some bands that I will always buy their album no matter what, because I trust in their talent. These guys are one of them... I just couldn't help myself with this though... I needed to hear it as soon as possible. It feels so good. Now if only LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire would leak... that would be TIIIIGHT.

Lali Puna - Our Inventions

Friday, February 12, 2010

Uh oh.

Blogger crackin down again

It's pretty silly because blogger will delete any blog with multiple complaints regardless if they are legitimate. For instance, with my Los Campesinos! post, they notified me once, I removed all the links and put (just a review) in the title. Then they notified me not once, but TWICE more, about the same post, even though there was nothing but a review posted. Make sense? Not to me. But now I fear my blog being deleted like crazy. Mostly because if my site gets deleted it's 2 years of writing down the shitter. Not to mention I can't tell people where to go to see more of me and my musical ramblings. End of blog, end of story. Well FUCK THAT. So just as a precautionary measure I registered iamzeitgeber.wordpress.com. So if this site dies a horrible death, go there and I will continue my debauchery over there. Once again, it's
iamzeitgeber.wordpress.com. Same name as here just on wordpress. Sweet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Four Tet - There Is Love in You

Now, to say that I've been dying for a new LP from Kieran Hebden would be an understatement. After what was literally one of my favorite electronic albums of all time (Rounds...it's here on this blog by the way, go search for it... you won't be sorry), I couldn't wait to see what else this dude had in store. Well... he had a half-decent LP (Everything Ecstatic), an album Remixes and a decently satisfying EP. But after all that fluff...let's just say that he did not disappoint. There is something about Hebden's style that is untouchable. Atmosphere and tone take such a front seat to poppiness and immediate appeal. While this can be damaging to some albums, it actually works in his favor here. Instead of each track standing on it's own, the album because this mass of sonic intricacy, dependent on each song for a deeper understanding. Don't get me wrong... there is enough going on here to bring the tunes from background music to heady, thought provoking, cerebral mind fucks. Sure, it won't appeal to everyone... but for someone who has the patience to sit down and REALLY listen, there are virtually no equals to Hebden.

There Is Love in You