Tuesday, April 20, 2010

oOoOO - No Summr4U

I've been holding onto this one for awhile. These guys share a similar penchant for mystery as their darker counterparts, Salem. I have no clue if these two bands are friends with each other... but they should be. If Salem is the dark, haunting, gothic side of the moon, then oOoOO are the light side... bombarded with glitter, sheen and little bit of crack. Another band that doesn't tell people who they are, print enough albums or play enough shows. *Sigh* I wonder if these guys will ever release a full length? Probably not.

No Summr4U

Take a Leak!

Awwww snap... when will the leaks end? NEVER! Speaking of... how good is LCD's new jam? SO, SO GOOD. Here is probably my most anticipated album of 2010, The National's "High Violet". I think I just peed a little. Let's hope it lives up to my secretions. Gross. Check it.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take a Leak (with me)!

HOLY SHIT... This time on "Taking a Leak" I've got 2, count em, 2 fucking amazing leaks. First one is Broken Social Scene's new album, "Forgiveness Rock Record". Yikes... been waiting for this one for YEARS. Super psyched!!! (Can you tell?) And the other leak is LCD Soundsystem's new LP "This is Happening". OOOO EMMM GEE. I think I just had an indiegasm. I also think I just coined the term "indiegasm". I haven't listened to either yet, but I have high expectations for both. Like with all leaks, I wanna get it out there as soon as possible. Buy both when they come out though, cause I love both these bands.

P.S. Indiegasm™

This is Happening

Forgiveness Rock Record