Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swans: Love of Life

Since the last Swans album did so well, I figured I would put up another one of my favorites. I think this one has actually surpassed WLFTMOI as my new favorite Swans album. So if you liked the other one, please pretty please try this one. It's in the same vien as the other really... it's all "hey we used to be super metal but now we are all organic folkish other-worldy new wave rock pop... but don't worry we kept the dark lyrics" and whatnot. Like the last album, this one is also out of print. So, feel no guilt... download and check out another brilliant gem.

Love of Life

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue

HEEEEYYYYY... I can't sleep so here is one more for tonight. I randomly heard this when it leaked a little while ago. Kind of put it off and then my friend reminded me about it (he was gushing about how good it was) so I came back and ACTUALLY listened to it, and gee gosh golly I am glad I did. Like the title, the music for the album is also ambivalent in the sense that it is content where ever it ends up. Some songs are folkish, some songs are totally glitched out electro, some sound like they could be pulled off a madlib/j-dilla album. It's totally all over the place, yet for some reason it all fits together so wonderfully. This one is definitely a grower... it's getting better and better the more I listen to it. I've never heard an album that's so indecisive with it's direction but holds together as whole more than this one. This album is like a family, with the tracks as the relatives... some are your crazy as hell uncle, some are your loving mother, some are your edgy cousins... but for some reason they all share a common bond and generally belong together (provided you weren't molested by one... and even if you were, don't worry because music can't rape you...yet. Well maybe financially and emotionally. Unless your music of choice is Michael Jackson, then it can do all of the above... RIP by the way) Wheeeew... I've never thrown that many non-sequitur jokes in to one parentheses before. I need a nap.

Ambivalence Avenue

Lightning Bolt: Wonderful Rainbow

I figured it was time for some melt your face, brain hemorrhaging, ear drum exploding "music". Lightning Bolt... hmmmm... I don't know exactly what to say because there is SO much to say. Well first they are a duo... one dude plays crazy as fuck drums and occasionally screams into a self constructed megaphone face mask (so his crazy as fuck drums are unhindered, like they would be with an actual microphone in the way, I imagine... and it sounds cooler too) and the other dude plays distorted insanely loud bass guitar (you would never guess just by hearing it). What makes these guys so great is while they are making crazy, fast, loud, distorted music... they are doing it in such an artful and jazz oriented way that it's almost like structured chaos. It's like these guys sat down and said, "how can we write jazz/classical music in the most abrasive hardcore way possible with only two instruments?". Don't get discouraged if it sounds too intense (even though it is)... there are moments of beauty and actual melody more often than not (skip to the second track if you don't believe me). These two are literally virtuoso musicians.. and that's what makes it so interesting... because you know they could make any music they wanted, but they chose to do something in your face and compelling. This is by far their most accessible album... and trust me... it's a good thing. I've heard that they will play a show anywhere if you call them and promise them 200 bucks... they play basements, garages, lawns... pretty much anywhere. The only price you pay (minus the 200 bucks) is losing your hearing, pissing off your neighbors or shaking your mom's china off the shelf. Seriously... they are that loud. Look up any youtube video of them live and the people next to the front are all rocking out... with their fingers in their ears. Check it and DIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!

Wonderful Rainbow

Friday, June 5, 2009


Fucking Amazing. I might just buy an Xbox for this.