Sunday, December 27, 2009

best of 09 coming soon

Now that xmas is over and santa gave me a coal enema once again, it's time for another best of the year list! Wooohooooo! Look for it in the next couple of days. PEACE!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Animal Collective- FBK EP

When a normal band releases an EP, it usually has a few songs, one of them okay and the rest throwaway B sides. In other words, the EP is an afterthought, something a band uses to generate hype and give fans fodder in between LPs. When AC release an EP it usually reinvents their sound (yet again) and gives you at least a few songs that are as good as (or better than) any LP they've released. The first two tracks are so good, you just might skip the rest though.

Fall Be Kind

Life is a Beach... House (teen dream leak)

Hey all. It's your favorite band, Beach House. Wait... it's NOT your favorite band? Well then you SUCK. Okay, you don't suck... but maybe you haven't heard the word yet. These guys are the SHIT. I really liked their last efforts but honestly I felt like they needed a little extra umph. Well, this is it man. One of the first leaks of 2010 and dear god (and black jesus)... it just might end up being the best. It's definitely Beach House's best effort to date and if this is the quality of album we get to see in 10, well, BRING IT ON (you couldn't see, but I just snapped my fingers and bobbed my head back and forth). The bar has been set. Other music... your move!

Teen Dream MP4 High Quality Version (Version I have. Sounds amazingly good)

Teen Dream MP3 Version (I know some people only like MP3s)