Sunday, February 22, 2009

schmAbe Vigoda: Skeleton.,. in my closet

If you aren't retarded... you can tell that this is really Abe Vigoda - Skeleton. I'm just being sneaky because Abe kills links FAST. I think that they (record company) don't get to links as easily if you don't have a "TITLE" with the actual name (like my Animal Collective post, which is still up actually... because I spelled it wrong) Hence this mildly stupid title. I somehow got away with sending this link to my other blogger buddy... and magically it's still up so I figured why not share the wealth while the getting is good. And believe me... it's good. Abe Vigoda are one of those bands that release things in very limited numbers, and kill links to their downloads... even though that's about the only way to find these guys. Make sense? Not to me really. If the thrill of the chase isn't enough for you alone... the sound is just as satisfying. Imagine if the best parts of Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective had a punk rock baby that had a brief fling with a little bit of Jesus and Mary Chain production. You would have an amazing band called schmAbe Vigoda... i mean... Abe Vigoda.


Hermit Thrushes: Benaki

Poppy with experimental cacophonous undertones... just how I like my indie rock. The quality is only 128kbps... but still sounds surprisingly good. These guys are totally right up my alley, and really if you like the album... please go to their Myspace and buy it because it's only like 5 or 6 bucks... real cheap... plus they probably need it more than most bands. Or if the stimulus package benefits haven't hit you yet (yeah, me neither) just download it for now.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Apse: Eras

Here is a cool band I recently discovered. It's ambient experimental rock music with sporadic vocals. At first I thought this was some post rock band and almost overlooked it... but if you listen to the whole things all the way through you can see that this band uses all sorts of styles and genres to their benefit. While that may be construed as a lack of focus for most bands, these fellas use it as a strength.



Fever Ray

Sup homies? Alright... I've been sitting on some stuff for a while and I really wanna get it out there before I cease to be relevant anymore. This one is from girl who is 1/2 of The Knife. And like The Knife it's fairly chilling and disorienting. However, it has an endearing quality that grows with repeat listens, like most good music. The beats are a little less dark than on Silent Shout... but really, if you like the Knife you will most likely enjoy Fever Ray. Plus who knows when The Knife will come back from hiatus, so enjoy this for now. Oh and this one is in TWO MOTHA EFFIN PARTS people... I don't get why people don't understand that if you don't download both parts, you don't get the whole album.

Fever Ray - Part 1 Part 2

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It has been a while hasn't it?

My Grandmother is in the hospital again, so I've been spending most of my time there lately. On the plus side it has given me a ton of time to listen to music. I have a BUNCH of stuff to post... I've just gotta upload it.... sooo... forgive me followers of blog. I'll be back with you shortly, with a ton of good stuff hopefully. Take care people.