Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take a Leak (with me)!

HOLY SHIT... This time on "Taking a Leak" I've got 2, count em, 2 fucking amazing leaks. First one is Broken Social Scene's new album, "Forgiveness Rock Record". Yikes... been waiting for this one for YEARS. Super psyched!!! (Can you tell?) And the other leak is LCD Soundsystem's new LP "This is Happening". OOOO EMMM GEE. I think I just had an indiegasm. I also think I just coined the term "indiegasm". I haven't listened to either yet, but I have high expectations for both. Like with all leaks, I wanna get it out there as soon as possible. Buy both when they come out though, cause I love both these bands.

P.S. Indiegasm™

This is Happening

Forgiveness Rock Record

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sulfuricscribbles said...

howdy, I was sifting through your blog and saw this. Decided it was high time to pick it up. Thanks for that! There arent all that many music blogs out there doing the real thing any more, so its all the better now to run across somebody whos really carrying that flag.