Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Four Tet - There Is Love in You

Now, to say that I've been dying for a new LP from Kieran Hebden would be an understatement. After what was literally one of my favorite electronic albums of all time (Rounds...it's here on this blog by the way, go search for it... you won't be sorry), I couldn't wait to see what else this dude had in store. Well... he had a half-decent LP (Everything Ecstatic), an album Remixes and a decently satisfying EP. But after all that fluff...let's just say that he did not disappoint. There is something about Hebden's style that is untouchable. Atmosphere and tone take such a front seat to poppiness and immediate appeal. While this can be damaging to some albums, it actually works in his favor here. Instead of each track standing on it's own, the album because this mass of sonic intricacy, dependent on each song for a deeper understanding. Don't get me wrong... there is enough going on here to bring the tunes from background music to heady, thought provoking, cerebral mind fucks. Sure, it won't appeal to everyone... but for someone who has the patience to sit down and REALLY listen, there are virtually no equals to Hebden.

There Is Love in You

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