Friday, February 12, 2010

Uh oh.

Blogger crackin down again

It's pretty silly because blogger will delete any blog with multiple complaints regardless if they are legitimate. For instance, with my Los Campesinos! post, they notified me once, I removed all the links and put (just a review) in the title. Then they notified me not once, but TWICE more, about the same post, even though there was nothing but a review posted. Make sense? Not to me. But now I fear my blog being deleted like crazy. Mostly because if my site gets deleted it's 2 years of writing down the shitter. Not to mention I can't tell people where to go to see more of me and my musical ramblings. End of blog, end of story. Well FUCK THAT. So just as a precautionary measure I registered So if this site dies a horrible death, go there and I will continue my debauchery over there. Once again, it's Same name as here just on wordpress. Sweet.

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