Thursday, May 20, 2010

Caddywhompus - Remainder

For some odd reason, lately I've been getting a ton of bands requesting to post their music on my blog. The problem is that virtually all of them range from horribly awful to obliviously derivative. It's gotten so bad that I've started opening every email thinking, "Oh god, not another one". Most of the bands only want me to link a single or whatever, but that's not going to happen. I'm not an MP3 blog. But a few have asked me to post their albums, which was way cooler of them... but even then most were just not very good.

The latest email was from these guys ----> Caddywhompus. I read the name, heard the idea (experimental noise pop duo) and said to myself, "This can't be good". I cynically put on their album and prepared myself for disappointment. Instead, I was surprized by how tight the sound was. It took me a little while to get out of my funk. I started at... "hmmmm, not bad" and ended up somewhere around "hmmmm... pretty damn good!". There are elements of Battles and Animal Collective in here, but they never seem to imitate, just to emulate. It's smart, catchy, mathy and occasionally rocks the fuck out... LOUDLY. I couldn't expect much more out of a duo, let alone a full fledged band. If I were in a noise duo, I would hope to sound as tight as these two. I mean, as far as noise duos go, these guys are one of the best groups I've heard in a while. I really like saying "noise duo". NOISE DUO!!! As far as people who submit music for review on my blog go, these guys, along with the superbly good The Sleeping Sea, are the only ones to stand out from the crowd.

If you think your band has what it takes, or if you are willing to give out your album for free preview (which will put you ahead of the pack) then give me a at and I promise I will check it out. If it's any good, I'll post it! It would be even cooler if you also wanted to do a follow-up interview *hint hint*. Honestly... I would prefer it if my blog ran this way. I'm sick of getting flagged for posting mainstream albums, so the further I can get away from that culture, the better. Either way, check these guys out and let me know what you think.

Watch their Youtube music video for their song GUILT.

Interested? Then go download their album below. It's good. I promise.

Caddywhompus - Remainder

Now....get supportive of good indie music and go BUY their album HERE.
Also... go check out their other songs (which are also really great) on their myspace page.
These guys seem like they would kill it live, so go check them out when they come to a city near you. Tour dates are below.

May 20 Thousand Palms, CA The Oasis Bar
May 22 Santa Barbara, CA Biko Co-Op Garage Performance Space
May 27 Corvallis, OR Cloud 9
May 28 Portland, OR In Other Words (early show)
June 2 Boulder, CO Astroland
June 4 Austin, TX Mohawk
June 5 Houston, TX Free Press Summer Fest

And the confirmed shows in the East (more to come):
June 19 Lafayette, LA Artmosphere
June 23 Birmingham, AL Magic City Wholesale
June 24 Nashville, TN Little Hamilton
June 25 Carbondale, IL The Swamp
June 30 Madison, WI Project Lodge
July 1 Chicago, IL Ronny's
July 11 New York, NY Piano's
July 12 New York, NY Bruar Falls
July 19 DC Girl Cave
July 23 Atlanta, GA Wonder Root

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