Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Sleeping Sea - Sun Drips EP

I don't get a lot of requests for uploading unsigned bands stuff, but I will gladly do so if someone wants me to. It's not guaranteed that I will enjoy it or say glowing things about it... but it will at least get out there. This has the happy coincidence of actually being pretty damn good. It kind of sounds like Vampire Weekend and Islands meets Panda Bear. Think tropical with a bit of indie folk. I wish I had bands like this playing around here. If you are in Cincinnati you should at the very least purchase this at one of their shows. Or if you own a venue, you should let these guys play. But for now... be the cool kid who knows about a good band that no one else really knows about. Download this sucka. Oh...and drop by their myspace and say hi HERE.

The Sun Drips EP


Ed said...

This. Is. Fantastic.
Thank you.

And FYI, when I loaded it into iTunes it came up with "Sun Drips EP"

PS Glad this blog is back.

pj said...

Oh snap.. i didn't even notice that. Thanks for the heads up. Glad to be back! Thanks for reading brotha!

Little said...

i get the feeling these guys have sipped from the same chalice as Pomegranates, and that's a good feeling.