Monday, July 26, 2010

This time on "Take a Leak"

Here we have Les Savy Fav and their new album Root For Ruin. First thing's first. I wanna talk for a second about my miscalculation the other day. Okay... so after a few more listens the new Arcade Fire is starting to grow on me quite a bit. It gave me a similar feeling that their first album did, only for completely different reasons. Funeral was challenging to listen to and kind of off putting at first, but after repeated listens you found yourself more and more engrossed in the sound. The Suburbs was TOO easy to listen to and made you feel like it was too straight forward for a band that took many risks in the past. Once again, with repeated listens, I'm finding more and more to be impressed by than just the production and song structure. So... it just goes to show you that you should give music a fair chance before writing it off because you might actually be missing out. Annnnnnyway. With this leak, Les Savy Fav's, Root For Ruin, I had no such problem. This was immediately appealing, and I'm actually fairly happy about that. RFR reminds me of how they sound live which is a very good thing. I mean... they needed an album to just kind of kick your ass in the face (it's possible), and this is it. So yeah... I've been talking for far too long. It's awesome. Download and get your assface kicked. The end.

P.S. There is no album artwork yet. So ...uh... deal with this instead.

Root For Ruin

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