Friday, May 8, 2009


DNOTS stands for Dark Night of the Soul... which as far as I knew was a famous treatise written by a Spanish poet now used as a metaphor to describe the phase of person's spiritual life that is filled with desolation and loneliness (okay so maybe I didn't really know all that).... But more recently it has been used to describe this crazy unknown side project of really great artists. It also sounds a lot like Dark Was the Night, and it actually IS a lot like that in sense it's a compilation of kick ass artists (plus the artwork is done by the uncanny David Lynch... how cool is that shit?). It's production was shrouded in mystery... all people knew about this thing was that it was some weird side project between Dangermouse and Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse. Some of the artists on board are: Flaming Lips, Black Francis (The Pixies), Jason Lyte (former singer of Grandaddy), Iggy Pop, Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals, and Julian Casablancas from The Strokes.... just to name a few. Okay okay okay.. get ready.... THIS IS FREAKIN AMAZING... this shit seriously blew my mind... it's so damn good. Jason Lyte totally redeems himself of his mediocre solo album with his songs on this. I mean, you can only expect so much from compilation albums as far as consistency and innovation, but this is seriously the BEST compilation of artists I've ever heard. I can't even talk about it anymore because I'm just gonna keep on repeating how good it is. Just download it and listen already. What are you waiting for? DO IT NOW!

Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse/David Lynch Project Now Less Cryptic

Dark Night of the Soul


niall said...

Hey, thanks for this post, REALLY. I've never heard of this project but it is amazing. I was reading your peice on it and when I saw the artists on it I passed out.
Thanks Again!

pj said...

Yeah man... it's pretty damn good. I randomly heard about this the other day and searched around a bit and found it. Great compilation album.

j-mac said...

How do you actually download the songs?? Will they send you the CD and then give you a website?? Is there a way to download the songs without buying the CD cos due to postage its gong to cost me $100+!
Please help!!

pj said...

hey j-mac, i re-upped the link... it should be working again. Just click on the album title under the picture and it should take you to the download. Get it as fast as you can because it will probably be gone again soon.